Do you see yourself . . .

. . . wanting to make a difference?

. . . not aligned to party politics?

. . . a clever thinker?

. . . someone who doesn't engage in bickering as a form of debate?

. . . someone who isn't driven by personal wealth?

. . . someone who be a public representative who actions the positive views and the policies expressed by their constituency irrespective of the background of petitioning constituents?

. . . someone who can address the myriad of national problems with genuine concern without fear or favour?

. . . someone who would like to go for election in the next general or local elections?

. . . someone who could use some free assistance in setting up an online prescence, which facilitates debate and communication under your own banner, which based on open source software?

If so, please email me at with a copy of your manifesto, and I will respond with the details of what is involved.

For the time being this venture is only open to Irish individuals.